General Questions

Our personal trainers, FitPros as we like to call them, will give you the attention, focus, and support you need to meet your fitness goals. You will work one on one with your trainer in our private personal training area as well as on the open gym floor. For your very first session, your trainer will assess you. This means they will take your weight and measurements, and put you through some exercises so they have a better understanding of your fitness level. Your FitPro will discuss your goals and address any concerns you may have. From then on, be prepared for some awesome, challenging workouts, great support, and getting into the best shape of your life!!
Each client will first come in for an initial free consultation where you will discuss with us what your fitness goals are and what you expect. From there, depending on your goals, health concerns, and personality, you will be paired with the trainer best suited to your needs.
Our intro program starts you off with 8 training sessions for the month. This is an equivalent of training twice a week. There are certain cases depending on fitness level and goals, where more or less sessions are needed. This will be determined in your consultation. After you complete our intro program, we will sit down with you again to discuss and re-evaluate how many times a week you should train and what will benefit you the most.
For personal training, you will be working exclusively with your own personal trainer. If you decide to take our boxing classes, you will be working with a variety of trainers that will be leading the classes.
Yes! Our boxing classes our included with your personal training sessions. Feel free to take advantage of the classes as extra workouts during the week.
If you are not signed up for personal training, there is a monthly membership fee to take part in our boxing classes.
We can supply you with boxing gloves and wraps to use during the class. However, we strongly suggest purchasing your own gloves and wraps, since the ones we provide will be shared among many clients.

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