Matt Kronyak

Fit Pro

I believe that fitness as a whole is more than just stepping into a gym and going through the motions, I believe that true fitness is achieved through a balance of pride, desire, consistency, and most of all hard work. I will teach you to light that fire inside of you, keep a driven and strong mentality towards your goals and consistently reach for more.

I started my personal training as an intern at a well known family fitness center, graduating at the end as a certified trainer after learning how to be diverse and get people from all ages, genders, and walks of life their results and reach their goals.

I fell in love with personal training, hearing our clients reasons of "why's" for why they wanted to accomplish these goals for themselves, and me being able to guide them step by step to success and seeing how ecstatic the clients would be was so overly gratifying

I have since worked under as well as worked with IFBB professionals, national NPC competitors, and mentors to great athletes. This has broadened my spectrum greatly as a trainer in being able to guide anyone to reaching their fitness/health goals, and I'm forever grateful for those experiences. Let's work together to help you conquer your goals today!