Joseph Pappalardo

Fit Pro, Sales, Nutrition Coach, Consultant, Co-Founder of XFactor

Joseph Pappalardo has almost 25 years experience in the fitness industry. From the first day he stepped into a gym, he has been a student of many various elements and styles of fitness, nutrition and wellness. Joe has an extensive background in numerous sports such as baseball, boxing, and natural bodybuilding. Joe worked as a prospect with legendary trainer, Johnny Mondello, at the world famous, Gleason's gym. He learned the craft of boxing by training with many world class fighters and being mentored by the many legends that occupied the gym. Joe has also competed in multiple natural bodybuilding shows. In 2010, he won the Men's Novice Heavyweight class at the INBF Hercules. At the 2012 INBF Mr. America contest, he placed 3rd in the Open Class Heavyweight division.

Ten years ago, Joe decided to invest all of his passion and energy into making fitness his career. He received his certification from AAAI/ISMA. Soon after, he worked as a trainer. He coached numerous clients of all different fitness levels helping them to achieve their goals. Joe found an incredible level of pleasure and satisfaction in helping his clients achieve their physical goals as well as finding ways to improve many other aspects of their lives. He went on to increase his knowledge on many different components of nutrition, anatomy and physiology in order to be as diversified as possible for his clients. Most importantly, he increased his knowledge on understanding the mindset of those who look to him for help.

Realizing the huge impact his multi-faceted training had on others, Joe co-owned a personal training facility, became a motivational fitness speaker, and designed fitness & weight loss programs. Over the past 5 years, Joe has worked with thousands of people. He has conducted many seminars, motivating and educating others on how to achieve fitness success by improving their mind, body, and spirit. Joe has also conducted many seminars on motivating and teaching personal trainers the many things he believes are necessary to be the ultimate FITPRO. For years, he has mentored trainers by both working with them from the ground up and teaching them in large groups.

Joe's passion and extensive experience in the fitness industry are some of the building blocks for XPT's flagship program, the XFactor, and XPT's FitPro Xcellence trainer development program.