Chitra Rochlani

Fit Pro

Chitra began her fitness journey as a weight loss candidate in January 2014. She joined a program that gave her a jumpstart to a fitness journey. It completely transformed her: mind, body and spirit. She lost 80 lbs in the next 10 months and has since, kept it off.

After having tried many weight loss programs, she lost and gained weight, more times than she could track. But something about this program was different and the coaches helped her focus on the mindset more than any other program she had ever tried.

Chitra continuously broke barriers, both physical and mental with the help of her trainer/ coach Joseph Pappalardo. Not only did he help her with the weight loss, but played a big role in helping her accept and become comfortable in her new body. He inspired her to become a trainer/ fitness coach.

She wants to inspire people to believe in themselves and learn that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, as long as you are willing to challenge yourself, stay focused and never give up.

Chitra had a deep desire to help others and this experience/ knowledge opened up a whole new world for her. She could help people have the same mind/body transformation that she had because she understands the struggle firsthand. She's been at every step that her clients could possibly be at and can draw from that experience to help them. Whether she's working with clients one on one or in a group setting, her goal is to have them leave the workout with a sense of empowerment and a desire for more.